Barbara’s House

dollhouse with keys

Barbara’s House (BH) is named after longtime MESA treasurer Barbara Sherman and has been a residential transitional housing program for families in need since October 2002. The house was planned and built through grant money, donations, and the extraordinary effort of community volunteers.

Since BH first opened its doors, it has helped over 100 families—not only in providing transitional housing, but while these families lived at Barbara’s House, they received help in finding employment, received counseling on nutrition and health issues, and guidance on money management and parenting. BH is maintained and run through a program called Families-In-Transition (FIT). Only those who agree to participate in the FIT program are permitted to live in the residence.

BH provides families or individuals a safe and secure place to reorganize their lives, offering a large (over 3000 sq. ft) building that is divided into five (5) apartments, with an onsite playground. BH offers two (2) three-bedroom furnished units, and three (3) two-bedroom furnished units. Families can stay rent-free for up to a year, while volunteer mentors help and guide them through whatever life issues and challenges they have.